She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night. Prov. 31:18

Sunday, January 31, 2010


So I am a Christian woman and I sell Halloween things....YIKES!....betcha some don't like that!
I love Halloween! Always have. It's fun! I just can't ignore Halloween because somewhere back in time there was a pagan thing called All Hallows Eve or something that was evil. Nope! Halloween is pillowcases full of candy and funny costumes and parties and fun!

I don't sacrifice burnt offerings or get in a circle naked. I don't call forth spirits. I make cute little Jack O Lantern figurines out of old stuff. I decorate my house, carve a bunch of pumpkins and converge with the neighborhood! I try to be a good example as a light of Christ and I try not to judge others. By not celebrating I think it alientates my neighbors that I am trying to reach out to.
I don't preach, I set an example with my life.

Satan is not just around on Halloween, I am pretty sure he's around every other day too, when you aren't looking for him! Ohhhhhh Scarrrryyyy. :)

I prayed for a long time about this and asked God to show me if it is wrong to make my little Jack O Lanterns. Nothing! I say follow the convictions of your own heart. I won't judge you and I ask that you don't judge me.

If you don't tell the little kids the pagen part then they will never know...its just a fun day that they can carve pumpkins, dress up however they want, be silly and eat candy till they are sick. And Oh! They can still know Jesus if they choose to!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Stars in Barb's Eyes

So I am sure you all are wondering "why the heck is she calling this blog "The Stars in Barb's Eyes"? And I say to you that its because my whole life I have had LOTS of stars in my eyes. They are creative stars! Stars of millions of creative ideas, and thoughts, and dreams.

I am going to be selling my little Jack-O-Lantern people on a really neat website: starting in February and I noticed lots of the artists have blogs where they write thoughts and ideas and post pictures of new creations so I decided to do it too. And this is my first post!

I once heard a little girl say she was "ARTASTIC". I am artastic! I am never happier than sitting in my little cramped, crowded, messy little craft room and making things. I am truly grateful to God that He gave me creativity. I am so blessed!

Thanks for reading this today. Hopefully I will have good stuff to say and post all the time. And thanks to all you guys, (and you know who you are) for ALWAYS supporting me and the stars in my eyes. I love you all.