She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night. Prov. 31:18

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lunch with the surgeon

So, finally!, my mom's surgery is over and she is home and healing and my life is a bit back to normal. It was a LONG week.
She has the nicest, sweetest, down to earth female surgeon. She is very intriguing to me since I am the polar opposite of her. She is very cute and tiny with gorgeous thick hair, and those of you who know me know that I am NOT tiny, and my hair is not thick. She must have gone to school a long, long time and has a job with tons of responsibility. I avoid responsibility at all costs (not counting my parents), can't stand being locked in anywhere and am a creative spirit/artist. If I paint flowers and ivy on someone's wall and screw it up I can just paint over it. She can't screw up! PRESSURE!!! How does she do it?? I just can't comprehend...that's why she is so interesting to me.
She probably lives comfortably and we pretty much live paycheck to paycheck. She most likely goes on fabulous vacations but not so often and we go on less extravagant getaways and often. I have tons of freedom, and I assume she doesn't because of her job but I don't know for sure. The choices we made and still make are so different and that is sooo interesting to me. I am very happy with my life and I hope she is with hers.
I had a lot of time sitting in that hospital with my mom and I was thinking that if her and I had lunch what would we talk about? Is there a level that two people like us can meet on and talk about our lives? Just because she is a doctor/surgeon does she complain about her husband leaving dishes in the sink like me and my friends do? Or is there a housekeeper to do dishes? Can't help it, I am creative and my mind goes and goes. In surgery, does she put out a gloved hand and say SCALPEL! and someone slaps it in her hand? I just want to know!! What's her house like? Mine is warm and homey and filled with vintage/antique things and I decorated it myself. Did she do her own, do people like her have time? Do they want to? I just wonder... When her phone rings it is Bugs Bunny saying WHAT'S UP DOC...I thought it was so funny, (doc...shes a surgeon, get it??). Up until recently I had Frank Sinatra. What music does a smart, schooled surgeon like? These things are interesting to me, so many questions in this world that aren't answered. So many "coulda beens" and so little time left to do something substantial. I want to leave a legacy. Can artwork be a legacy just as much as taking cancer out of people? I like to think of my life and art as encouraging. To show that not everyone has to be book-learned (some of us just can't do it!). That not everyone has to be locked in an office all day. That you can be happy doing what ever you love. I am sure she loves her job as well, how could she not - she is SAVING lives for pete's sake!! I really admire her and sometimes wish I was different, more like her, but just sometimes. I hope she is happy too. Maybe some day we will have lunch and I'll ask her....