She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night. Prov. 31:18

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sisters In Christ

Years ago a woman named Bim went to the same church as I did.  I didn't know her well but enough to say hello.  She moved away and some time later we became friends on Facebook.  Fast forward a couple years and my mom's Parkinson's and dementia was a horrible and she, being a nurse, would post helpful comments and information to my Facebook posts.  Such a nice lady!  Then both of my parents died 2 days a apart and we had a double funeral.  It was in early January and there was a semi-blizzard on the visitation day.  And Bim, who lives probably 45 min to an hour away showed up.  She drove all that way on horrible roads to pay her respects to me.  It left a big impression in my heart.
I have a friend Ken, we knew each other when we were single and then he moved up north.  I got married, he met someone and Kirk and I would go up that way maybe once a year and get together with them. Her name was Val, and she is a Christian.  He was not.  On our once a year visit her and I would talk and pray for him to know the Lord, and I would talk with him about it.  I think it was last year she told me he finally got saved.  I don't think I saw her in person more than 3 times.
Last week Val's 30 year old daughter was killed in a tragic car accident. Leaving a baby and a fiance. She is, of course, beyond devastated.  I commented on her post that I was praying and I sent a card. I didn't write much because there is NOTHING to say. What can be said?  I am sure its hard for her to even turn to God.
Turns out the funeral is not up north where they live at all, it was up north by our cottage. Where we were going to be that Saturday of the funeral.  My first reaction was no, I don't want to see her pain, this is too sad, I don't want to go. And then Bim popped in my head. Yes, I needed to go.  I needed to be her sister in Christ.  I might not make a tinkers damn difference being there but I had to go.  They were very surprised to see us and I hope it made them feel a tiny bit more loved.  It was a very sad funeral.  A funeral in a church on a country road in the middle of no where with cars were overflowing the parking lot and the side dirt roads. It was very sad, but there was a lot of love. That is what Jesus preached.  Love one another.  RIP Rosemary.