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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Tables

I cannot sew. I hate sewing. I had to take sewing in high school and we all had to make something for a fashion show.  Mine was so bad they had me work the lights at the fashion show. LOL!!!  My gift is NOT sewing.  But I can paint!  And I have those creative eyes that God gave me to see a blank canvas that needs me!  I figure he had to balance it out because He gave me that awful food addiction...just sayin :)  If something is all blank white I have to change it.  A huge picnic table came with our cottage. It was ugly so it needed me to paint it!  When I was done I was going to varnish it.  I have a ginormous fir tree over the deck and it is always breezy by the lake so as fast as I was varnishing it, little fir crud was falling and sticking to it. One of my friends had to stand next to me with a leaf blower as I varnished.  Suffice it to say there is a few of  God's little art pieces varnished into my picnic table.

The Garage Sale Table

Found this little table at a garage sale for $2!

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