She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night. Prov. 31:18

Monday, February 22, 2010

*~*CaKe SpRiNkLeS*~*

I had a bulletin board in my room when I was a little girl and I re-decorated it every month. Of course, Halloween was my specialty. I made borders out of construction paper, put notes from girlfriends (note writing was the texting of the 60's in elementary school), photographs and all sorts of things. It was so fun to me! I really wish I had a photo of that bulletin board today to remember it by.
I was also teachers pet in 5th grade and this lady made homemade cards while the students were doing work. She always let me help her instead of working. The other kids hated me for it but I loved it! She used construction paper and cut out pictures from magazines and then covered the whole card tightly in plastic wrap. I would go home and make more just like she taught me and hang them on my bulletin board. I still do have some that I made for my parents.

So yesterday I was looking at my most favorite thing in my house, my old cake sprinkles collection. I bought my first little bottle around 1980 and very slowly gathered a collection. Then Ebay came! OMG! Now I have a lovely collection that I am in love with! So dear readers, here are my photos that I will have when I am an old lady stuck in a little condo that all my precious stuff won't fit in and I can remember the things I loved so much.


  1. You'll be just like my mom. The overflow is in my garage. Every so often, we dig out the special things she wants to see. Keep taking pictures, it will be so much easier to everything whenever you want to.

  2. I love the Kirks! Did you get that before or after you were married?

  3. I love your collection, as a collector of all things old, I appreciate you collection. What fun, thanks for sharing!